About us

At Camaro Auto Service, we are a full service auto shop located in downtown Framingham, Ma. Although we are located in Framingham, We have customers come from all over the Metrowest region. We specialize in general vehicle repair and maintenance.

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In 2007 Sidnei Camaro (pictured in the middle, above) opened Camaro Auto Service with the hopes of becoming the standout auto repair shop in the area, and in the past years we have made strides in achieving that goal. Constantly growing and changing, we have tried to shape ourselves to fit our customers demands.

When Sid was young he knew that he wanted to work with cars when he got older. He grew up loving cars and was always around them. When he did in fact get older he attended the local Joseph Keefe Technical School for automotive where he learned his trade. Upon graduation he went to work in several dealership repair shops to practice his trade and gain valuable experience. After years in the field, he finally decided to open his own shop, Camaro Auto Service, in 2007.

Throughout this whole time, Sid never lost the passion he had for cars as a kid and today he uses it to fuel his business, and as a result we have grown and continue to grow in our attempt to become the best auto shop around.