General Requirements

Certification of vehicles are individual and have different requirements

Certification of vehicles are individual and have different requirements depending not only on the vehicle itself but also on the country from where it was imported. Most of the cars are brought from United States of America therefore below you can find information on how to start certification process, most common alterations and documents that are required:

1. The first step is to check if data for vehicle is available. To check we require vehicle manufacturing label and emission label which you can find on the car. Both labels should be forwarded to us using our contact details.

2. Most of US vehicles have US headlights which need to be replaced to European ones if we are talking about EU manufactured vehicles. For US manufactured vehicles which do not exist in EU, headlights need to be tested in certified laboratories (From the past we have been testing many headlights from different vehicles so we might already have tests for your headlights). In order to check if we have tests for your headlights you need to forward us headlights markings using our contact information.

3. If all the above was confirmed then you need to make an appointment (date, time which is coordinated with customer) for physical inspection of vehicle which is being done over the phone or email which you can find under section Contacts. Physical check includes: emission test, headlight tests, brake tests. Certified engineers are making inspection (at appointed time) of vehicle to identify technical condition of working unit to conformity to European standards. If issues were found during the inspection process, customer fix them and provides confirmation that this was done. When everything is fixed and conforms to European standards customer receive certificate within 2 weeks. Any payments for certificates are received by bank transfer. Customers receive Invoice which they are obligated to pay before receiving certificate.

4. Most common alterations to US vehicles are:.

  • Installing rear fog lamp
  • Making correct color of rear turn signals (should be orange).
  • Replacing headlights to European or to the US approved ones.
  • Making front parking lights correct color (should be white).
  • Speedometer should be in kilometers or both kilometers and miles

5. Vehicle documents that are required for certification and registration

  • Vehicle registration document (title, export certificate etc.).
  • Customs declaration.
  • Invoice or sales contract.
  • Wheel alignment (without mistakes and with VIN number and stamp of the workshop).
  • Printout of electric systems test (without mistakes, with VIN and stamp of the workshop).
  • Any company or private customers should fill out a form of certification request.
  • Any company or private customers must provide copy of identity document.
  • Companies must provide a printout from company register not older than 3 months.


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