Vehicle Certification and Registration in European Union

“Mediator” SIA was established in 2012 and was officially registered to certify vehicles that are imported to Europe from other countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Russia, UAE.

We are a team of professionals who help people from around the world to inspect and certify vehicles for future registration in European Union.

Our partners

TUV Nord is a world known company which has started to operate since 1869. The specialist department ‘Service for Import and Export’, holds a comprehensive database in which the technical data of more than 20,000 different imported vehicles (mostly from the US) are collected and being used to register imported vehicles.

General Requirements

Certification of vehicles are individual and have different requirements depending not only on the vehicle itself but also on the country from where it was imported.

Our partners are certified engineers from German well known company TUV Nord. Together we keep customers informed about the alteration that vehicles need in order to get European registration.

We have a comprehensive technical database of more than 20,000 US vehicles which is being continuously updated to include new vehicles.

Certification process is being done in Latvia, Lithuania and Germany. Other countries are considered on the individual basis. Certification takes place 1 or 2 times a month

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

1. How long certification process takes?

– Certification process takes around one hour and then approximately 2 weeks for receiving certificate.

2. Will the car pass if tire size do not match?

– Some manufacturers allow different tire size. In order to understand if your sizes will pass you have to make request over the email.

3. How much time do I have to fix issues that were found while inspection?

– All customer have one month to fix issues and provide confirmation.

4. What happens if I started certification but them decided not to finish it?

– In case of unfinished certification process customer is obligated to pay negative certification bill.

5. If we used tuning parts on the vehicle such as lowered springs – will it pass?

– Any tuning parts on the vehicle should be certified and allowed by the manufacturer. For lowered springs you should provide certificate of conformity.


Company name: “Mediator” SIA Registration number: 40003869169 VAT Number: LV40003869169

Legal address: Kengaraga iela 6, Riga, LV1063, Latvia

Contact phone: +37128807290

Email address: tuv@mediator.global

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